ANGUS CAMERON director and writer


Hollywood Confidential :


“Riveting”   - The Daily Telegraph.


“Engrossing documentary examining the moment in the 1950’s when commie-bashing, gay scandals and helpful articles like “gentlemen – Is Your Wife Frigid?” helped make Confidential one of the most popular magazines of the day while also puncturing the cosy relationship between Hollywood publicity departments and the press” - The Guardian.




“If anyone ever makes a better film about the scooter scene

I’ll eat my helmet” - Scootering Magazine.


“...this entertaining documentary examines the attraction, excitement and camaraderie of meeting like-minded people in spite of the inevitable rain and mechanical break-downs”  - The Times.


A Short Film About Chilling:

“The best film about dance music culture ever made”  - Musik magazine.


Days That Shook the World - DISASTER IN THE SKIES:

“…incredibly powerful – fascinatingly informative yet emotionally intense. It’s a good idea to keep a box of tissues handy…” - London Evening Standard. 27/09/04.